Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Challenge 7 Entries

The Bradlo


"Before Marilyn and before Madonna, there was Mae West, Hollywood's first superstar sex symbol and the original blonde bombshell."(answers.com)

After reading a bunch of her quotes, I am a newly proclaimed Mae West fan.

I wanted the outfit to exude sexiness & glamor with a touch of vintage flair. I used a body con dress (which is a very popular style now a days) in smokin' hot lipstick red lace. I accessorized with fur, satin, gold, pearls, and gems to give it that movie star glamor. I also included a veil top hat which is a cute, modified modern day version of those extravagant hats that Mae would wear.

I also included some music from Fiona Apple and Christina Aguilera. Fiona because she has that classic bluesy tone & style of voice like Mae West. And Christina because she often dresses up in that old movie star glamor style. Both songs are about men/romance/love which was the same topic that Mae West's comedic material was made up of.






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