Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Challenge 5 Entries

The Bradlo

Myspace Whore


Orgcore Punk


Williamsburg Hipster

She's got so many loud and insanely awesome accessories that she wears 'em all at once, whether they go with her outfit or not. When she's not hitting the thrift stores looking for bold jewelry, she's at the mall buying up the latest trends. Anything that's no longer in style is immediately thrown out, as she can't stand to wear anything that isn't up-to-the-minute and whatever everyone else is wearing.

So I put together an outfit for our hipster, based on her outfit on the website. The jewelry isn't supposed to be exactly matched. And I threw in some random colors to liven up the red/black combo. Hope you like it :)


Scene Queen
425. by TripMyWire featuring Lipsy



The Scene style I chose is RUDE BOY!
Long Live Ska!!!
I have to admit I freakin LOVE ska. hahaha
GIve me some No Doubt, some Sublime, some 311, some Reggae!!!
There was a huge ska movement in southern California and the fashion really reflects that - hawaiian print shirts, zoot suits, two tones. Being a native Californian, I am familiar with this style. I love the music. And yes I was a band geek at one time also.
Here's a little bit about the Rude Boy scenester from http://www.yourscenesucks.com/
Here is “a message to you rudy”- give it up! although most of his favorite bands have ditched their brass sections for screaming and tight pants, the ska kid holds true to his checkered past.

there are still two-tone armies skanking the night away, though, to the tune of washed-up bands all across the united states. gone are the days when ska bands lived the high life in big-name clubs. nowadays, the ska kids flock to sweaty vfw halls and teen centers.

the rude boy was never good at any sports, so instead he opted to join the marching band which, incidentally, led to the formation of his own group. the band enjoyed their biggest success at a recent high school battle of the bands, where they showcased their originality by covering the reel big fish cover of a-ha’s “take on me”.

the majority of ska kid’s funds go towards the repair of his vespa, which he totalled after spilling his pez while speeding. someday the ska kid might be able to afford the fred perry and ben sherman gear he so covets, but for now the hawaiian shirts from goodwill will have to do.

this kid seems to have missed the memo about ska being dead; one can only assume he forgot to “pick it up!”
So, my RUNWAY version of Rude Boy would be floral print silk coats and dusters, xaggerated two tone sky high heels, checkered fedoras, and awesome tie necklaces. The models would sport pins of bands like Sublime & Rancid and carry brass instruments. Models would also wear thick rimmed glasses framed by long and thick teased hair to mimic the thick sideburns of the classic Rude Boy.


Popcore Dork

Ya know, normally I'd care about how ugly this is. However, this is for Project Polyvore 3 in which I was supposed to make a runway worthy popcore dork outfit. I still don't understand exactly what popcore dork is aside from a person who wears lots of colors and a bunch of lame cartoon-ish characters/symbols[i.e.- ninjas, hello kitty, nintendo stuff, and robots] Yeah, this is horrendous. It looks like a tranny puked all over this. I had immunity from last week though, so I just did whatever came to mind. Wow, I have one ugly mind...


Up the Punx


Black Metal Knight


#1 Pete Wentz Fan


Generic Emo

Okay, so i didn't want to take this TOO literal. I wanted to include some of the things that's typical for them (converse, plaid shirts) and make it kinda more edgy.

the shirt would be worn unbuttoned. like a jacket almost. yeah...

sorry I'm so late! X....x

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