Sunday, September 20, 2009


I can't believe I...somebody shoot me.
You may have heard, but I typed everything up only to do something douchey like PRESS THE WRONG BUTTON and save it when EVERYTHING DISSAPEARED. So that ALL my hours of efforts were tossed into the junk yard abyss of the internets!

Well, it's a new day now, and I'm feeling less furious about that whole incident, so let's try this again...
[However, it will all be a lot less impressive than it was the first draft around...]

This is it, guys. This is the moment you've all been waiting for.

What a crazy four months it has been! I want to first apologize for another incredible delay, but I assure you most of it was due to long, careful decision making in naming our champion. This was really the toughest it's ever been, and I mean that. I'm proud of all 4 of you, one for dealing with this all summer and sticking it through to the end, here now almost October, and two because, well, all of you rock. Either you consistantly rocked it, or grew tremendously over the course of challenge, but for both I am impressed. Even more so, I'm once again impressed and thankful that you four lovely ladies stuck through this compition for the entire summer and then some, put up with my procrastination, haha. The judges too!

But a winner still must be chosen tonight. We looked not only at the final collections, but at all past entries, debate through who has been consistantly good, or who has grown, or such. And, still, it was difficult to choose who placed what.

Lets begin as we always do, with a nice healthy dose of critiques. Shall we?


BBGal- It's been unanimously decided: you have improved so much since the beginning of this compition, not only among the final 4, but quite possibly in all three rounds this has gone on. You listened to what we had to say [even if sometimes I worry that we are actually quite full of ourselves, and I can't believe I make you guys read this stuff. =D] and experiemented with layout and color combination, but still remained true to something that feels very /you/ all at once. This was especially evident in your final collection's first set, which was as perfect as I think things can get-everything, color, layout, whatever, was balanced and eye catching, soft and edgy at once. So it was a little dissapointed when the next two sets didn't quite measure up to this. Overall, they were far from being /bad/, but, you know, after being blown away, they were kind of getting overshadowed. The main reason for this may also be that the three sets weren't exactly unified in color...they had a certain scheme, yes, but somehow they still didn't feel like they meshed, at least not in pallate. HOWEVER, elements of style that was consist in all three made up for that. So this is going to sound incredibly contradictory, but, while we do like your theme quite a lot [very original, very personal to you.], we found that because it was such a comfortable theme, we didn't think you really pushed outside that zone, and so the outfits then seemed a little lacking...a little commercial. But, then again, I can also argue that the final challenge is more about show casing what you want to put together. So it could go either way. Still, seriously man, this final collection was such a far leap from that set in first challenge, and I mean that as a compliment. [ Remember this? ]

Tripmywire – Had your take on your theme not been so interesting [oh, am I sucker for character sets. Oh yes.], we would've been less impressed with the vampire route. Which really is not your fault, but the army of girls 10 to waytoooldtoreadthatcrap who have come to make the mythical beast so damn trendy. Still, vampires are everywhere, and you could've gone someplace completely different. But your since of style and way of presenting the theme is just too goshdarn /cool/, we went along with it. Or, as a judge said, in regards to your colothing choices “Okay they’re a bit plain, but they breathe sophistication, elegance and style.” which really does sum it up for me. The 'plainness' may have mostly been due to effect of the first set; with the starch white dress, then the darker, harsh colors around it, the center of the set appeared very washed out...something about the dress itself also didn't really feel in the same high fashion noir mood that the others exuded. But the other two, though also a little 'ghostly' as a judge put it, are really freacking cool. The second has some undead Clockwork Orange feel going on, or so I get the impression of, and the third was so BAMF that 1.) used the term 'Bamf' to describe it, and 2.) could over look the leggings. Or not over look them, that's not what's going on, but wait, I actually think they work here! So, not all the judges agreed on that minor detail, but whatever. We were all a little confused about the layouts, though, expecting to see your lovely trademark mosaics. I suppose that was the point, though, yeah? To not do as expected. Personally, I think these layouts are nicely proportioned, but there was something about your particular mosaic that was eyecatching in itself...I know we ragged you on it at times [We are schitzo around here, aren't we?] , but when you did it well, it was brilliantly.

Lola- The problem with you is that you've, most of the time, have done fabulously through each round. I mean, yes, there were your low moments, but for the most part my dear Lola, you rocked. And it was your disregard for magazine dictated laws of fashion that set you apart and thrilled us, with bright neons and crazy yet cohesive prints and shoes and whatnot, that when we saw this, it wasn't so up to par with the funfest you usually deliver. Your theme was cute [again, sucker for characters. I don't even watch GG.], and we liked that it sort of told the story of this girl. But the three sets were the least consistant out of all the collections, and this lack of connection between each set, besides what is explained in the desciption, was what brought you down. As a judge said, “Great fashion choices, very GG esque. It was a cute them but a little inconsistent. I didn't get the vibe that one chick would be wearing all three of these outfits.” The judges were also inconsistent in pegging which one was the best out of the three. Personally, I feel the first is the nicest layout, though the least interesting fashion choices. The second, on the otherhand, is the opposite-cool clothes, a little plain, but cool, but it also seemed very quickly lumped together. I've decided I like the third best, because it was more like the Lola we normally see-quirky, edgy accessories, sweet dress and heels, more balanced than the second but still a little lumpy. Or, said better by a fellow judge, “I like the first one. You can definitely see the outfit. With the other two I feel that everything is being pulled down, the dresses are at the bottom, the accessories are at the bottom. It’s getting really heavy at the bottom. I don’t like that at all. The first set shows more of a balance because the outfit flows above the accessories. Also the images are better placed in comparison to the final two sets. It seems she was in a rush with the last two.” Overall, it received a general 'nice' from us, but we were underwhelmed.

Incubeautee -Ah, the circus! Another theme that's been hitting the mainstream, though when put up to vampires, I suppose its practically underground. Still, the judges and I commemorate you on the fact that the inspiration was drawn from a specific painting [by one of my favorite artists, no less...I suppose that would help, yeah?]. So to sum up how we generally felt about your collection as a whole, here's what one lovely judge had to say: “Great execution of the theme. I think the fashion choices really reflect the characters. Like everyone else pointed was also inconsistent. It also was a bit cluttered.” But before we go into detail about all that, I just wanted to point out how excited I was to see all the crazy color and combinations you choose and how STOKED I was to see that, so kuuu-dos on making it fun. Now, regarding inconsistentcies. The first set we found was the most cluttered, and also weren't so thrilled with the fashion choices here-I suppose they worked to the character, but with all the pictures in the background and the strange dark-ish colors, it somehow seemed camoflauged. Of course, we've been on you about cluttered pictures since the beginning, so, like, whatever. The second set was generally the judges' favorite.There were still a bunch of pictures, but with lighter colors and a super fun combination, this one worked-for your theme, and as a set on its own. Plus, how can you go wrong with sequin shorts and big bow headbands? You can't. Its fact. Now, while the third one might also be a little dark again, and not as...circus-y as the first two, it was a very wearable outfit, yet shoe and accesory choice made it interesting again. So even though the layouts were all pretty much identical, the various combos of color and style didn't quite make for an easy flow [Oh, man. That sounds like having a period. I'm so sorry. But you get my point, yeah?] Said a judge “If she would have made the other outfits more like that one [the second], it would have rocked all the way.”

You would be amazed at how close the scores were...

Who will reign champion of Project Polyvore, Cycle 3?





And so, thank you one and all! Once again with all your spectacular support, we got through cycle three. I don't know how it ever works out, but it did, and you guys are the best people on the internet for sticking by. To be honest with you, I doubt I'll be able to do it again, so I'm very happy to say that this cycle was THE BEST EVER, and, as relieving as it is to be done, I'm still a little sad.
Did I say thank you? Well, THANK YOU very much, congrats to the winner, and good night everyone!
Its been a hoot and a half. =D

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ducky's Unofficial Fashion Week Preshow

Collections from judge Princess70xox and myself.


a semi-autobiographical account of the past two weeks in three sets.


Eloise Kale: Vampire Hunter, midnight superhero, very expensive assassin, dresses like a street walker, eats like an anorexic billionaire. Has an alter ego? Still don't know what that a name the press gave her. Fucking fantastic wardrobe.

Lulu Zombie-Tea Party Queen. Squeaky with a short temper. Baby doll face, bruised violet skin and spiderweb scars. A bit green around the shadows. Decay will do that to a person. Avid Courtney Love worshiper.

S[h]iva is the bassist. She isn't into the excess life of a rockstar as much as the others, that much I know. She just does her job.
In Hinduism, Shiva is seen as the Supreme God. This is what wiki says. I don't know much about it, but I find it all kind of fascinating.

Freya is the guitarist.
In Norse mythology, Freyja is portrayed as a goddess of love, beauty, and fertility, but was also associated with war, battle, death, magic, prophecy, and wealth. In otherwords, she seems like a rather fierce B*tch.
She deeply loves her fame, and the excess that comes with it.

Thank you for viewing!

~Ducky's Unofficial Fashion Week Finale Collections~

I love going to bluegrass music festivals. So for my finale collection I made up a festival... it's in the middle of summer in the mountains and the weather is beautiful :) I made a set for what I would wear on each day of the festival.

The first day is Thursday during the day... which is when I usually like to wander around the festival and explore the scenery and such. So this is an outfit for doing that. :)

Tank- $17 [forever21]
Shorts- $57 [topshop]
Boots- $123 [topshop]
Bag- $82 [topshop]
Necklace- $175 [net-a-porter]
Bracelets- $56 [zappos]
Ring- $13 [topshop]
Pin- $7.99 [girlprops]
Belt- $6.80 [forever21]
Total- $537.79

This outfit is for Friday evening of my music festival... some of my favorite bands are playing, and this is my outfit for sitting under the stars enjoying the music. :)

Dress- $25 [forever21]
Shoes- $46 [topshop]
Bag- $57 [topshop]
Necklace- $29 [topshop]
Ring- $25 [topshop]
Bracelets- $25 [topshop]
Hair pins- $5.80 [forever21]
Earrings- $4.99 [girlprops]
Total- $217.79

This is the outfit for Saturday, the last day of the festival. This is the day where I run around trying to take everything in before I have to leave. The best bands play today, and I might play a little myself... or run off to take some pictures of the mountains. :)

Top- $14 [forever21]
Skirt- $14 [forever21]
Shoes- $11 [topshop]
Bag- $778 [brown's fashion]
Ring- $29 [topshop]
Necklace- $11 [forever 21]
Bracelets- $13 [topshop]
Earrings- $11 [topshop]
Total- $881
Collection Total- $1,636.18


The finale challenge. A collection of three sets. My inspiration? Well, at first I was thinking about major female fashion icons...But, as I'm sure we all know, that's been done so many damn times, it's almost depressing. Then I was thinking about things that have been occupying my time as of late. Unfortunately those things only include work (yay), reading, and catching up on True Blood. Nothing horribly exciting. But then I came to a thought that combined all of these things. Literature, vampires, and fashion icons. Soooooo, why all the build-up?

My collection is inspired by the three brides of Dracula. Whom, by the way, were not known as such in the novel. They were actually just three female vampires. The two dark haired ones were made out to possibly be Dracula's daughters actually. Their appearances were similar to that of Dracula and pointed out to be such, hence the daughter thought.

Anyway, this is the first dark-haired vampire. Obviously I've modernized them, made them fashionable and whatnot. Anyway, I imagined her name would be Cordelia, and she would be the sweet naive one. (As sweet and naive as a vampire could be.) One of the younger ones, most likely from New Orleans, or that type of place.

Outfit Cost

dress 230
belt 30
shoes 89
gloves 16
necklace 20
handbag 230
bracelet 232

Total 847

This is the second of Dracula's "brides". Her name would be Violet. She is the sexy vixen from the 1920s. She likes to dress with an adrogynous twist on a very sexy look. Her beauty can be quite deceiving, as she is probably the most cruel of the brides.

Outfit Cost

pants 120
top 231
shoes 265
necklace 112
handbags 119
earrings 2.80
ring 4.80
ring 5.80

Total 860.40

The third of the brides. The fair haired bride. The oldest of the three, Olivia is from the Victorian age. She leads the other two brides. She is strong and controlled. She is often the one who stands up to Dracula, and she always gets away with it.

Outfit Cost

shoes 149.90
leggings 20
skirt 350
top 38
handbag 22
bracelet 9.80
bracelet 50
bracelet 6.80
bracelet 8.80
ring 85

Total 740.30

A little note: I know I'm probably going to get in trouble for the lack of colour in all of these sets...But I like the look of black and white. There's no colour to distract from the textures and shapes. I also know that somebody, if not everybody isn't going to like that I added the leggings in this set. I know I use them a lot...But I like them a lot. In this set in particular, I like the leather skirt on top of the leather leggings for the unusual texture overlap. Anyway, I hope this is what you lovely ladies wanted.

Final Total 2447.70


Hilary Duff will be joining the cast of Gossip Girl. She will be playing Olivia Burke, a famous actress who leaves Hollywood for the quiet college life. Olivia and Vanessa are roommates. So obviously, this allows Olivia to meet and fall for Dan. [Gossip Girl's always gotta have some sort of complicated romance no?] Although I'm not the biggest Gossip Girl fan, I do love their characters and styling. Thus, for my final collection I decided to act as a stylist for Gossip Girl and create three possible looks for this new character.

This outfit serves as a normal, everyday outfit for Olivia to wear around campus. Whether she's going to class, studying, or just picking up coffee this comfy functional fall outfit will help her to maintain her low-key yet fashionable status.

$123- Shoes
$25- Ring
$749- Sweater
$33- Bag
$74- Jeans
$65- Vest
$3.99- Earrings
$11- Bracelet
$1083.99-- Total

Olivia Burke could wear this on a movie date with Dan.

$56- Bag
$4.80- Ring
$9.80- Black Cuff
$7.80- Peach/Sage Cuff
$139- Shoe
$200- Dress
$235- Vest
652.40 Total

So although I have no idea of what's going to happen with Olivia Burke this season on GG, one can assume that at one point there is going to be a raunchy party [Or at the very least a party where Olivia's Diva persona comes out.] Thus, this is the outfit she would wear to go to a party or club.

As you probably noticed, I tried to keep the indigo color constant for Olivia's outfits. Not only as a means of cohesion, but also it always seems as if GG characters have their own particular trademarks. So perhaps Olivia's could be indigo :]

$15- Necklace
$320- Cuff
$4.80- Ring
$5.80- Sunglasses
$29- Shoe
$16- Ring
$49- Clutch
$46- Dress
$204- Leather Jacket
$689.60 Total

Full Total-- $2425.99


Haute Carnival Couture

I was thinking about Mark Ryden (one of my favorite artists) and remembered his painting, "Magic Circus". So, I decided to do a circus/carnival theme for my collection.

The first look is The Ringmaster. I think the shoes give it that dominatrix like feel with its bondage like straps. The red vest which is worn with the zipper open is sexy and bold. Ringmaster's usually wear top hats. I picked a really special one with a long train for a dramatic effect.
The model who will be wearing this look down the runway is Natalia Vodianova
The music that will play is Circus by Britney Spears.


$23 Corset
$25 Blouse
$46 Vest
$33 Leggings
$432 Top Hat
$29 Heels
$588 Total

The daring trapeze artist is symbolic of a soaring imagination. And her clothes depict this. She wears bright, flashy, and fun items while she is showing off her acrobatic talents.
Model: Cintia Dicker
Music: Dangerous by Michael Jackson


$23 Top
$41 Shorts
$9.90 Suspenders
$5.99 each Tulip Pins (2)
$115 Leggings
$8.50 Flats
$20 Headband
$26 Scarf
$219.48 Total

This is my version of the Bearded Lady. Within each man is woman, and within each woman is the essence of man. So, I combined masculine (black & white tuxedo coloring, bow tie, boyfriend blazer, & shoes that are in the shape of traditional male dress shoes) with feminine (dress, pink, cute earrings, the shoes which have painted toe nails on them) items. I also threw in a /fuzzy/ accent.
Model: Coco Rocha
Music: Sideshow by Blue Magic


$74 Blazer
$20 Top
$16 Skirt
$16 Earrings
$767 Shoes
$700 Headpeice
$1593 Total
$2400.48 Grand Total