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Challenge 4 Entries


Tommy- The total tomboy with dated, grungey stlye-would wear flannel all the time in she could. But she still must find a dress.


I wasn't even going to go to the stupid prom. But Judy kinda talked me into it. "It's our last big celebration before college." Yeah, whatever. So, Mikey and me talked and figured we'd go together. We've been best friends since grade school, so if we go together it alleviates having to find another date and, you know, all the romantic expectations of the night. So pretentious.

So, dad was all proud and stuff. He gave me his credit card so I could go and buy a dress. I went with Judy. Dress shopping just isn't my thing. I ended up finding this at the second hand store. 14 bucks, can you believe it? Judy says the green brings out my eyes. I say, it's pretty comfortable. Almost as comfortable as my favorite flannel shirt. After the hour it took to find the dress, I was over it. Much to Judy's dismay, I bought some candy and went home. According to her, I needed shoes. Pff. A dress is enough. I'm wearing my sneaks.

I went through my mom's jewelry box up in the attic and found the ring and bracelet. They kinda match. The bracelet has flowers, thus making it girly, no?

I managed to scrounge up the only purse I own. I bag my mum bought me at a thrift store back when I was 11.

Judy lent me the tights. "If you're not going to wear heels, at least wear some lace tights." That's logic for you.

So, it's the big night. I threw my hair up in a messy ponytail. Put on some chapstick. And I am ready to go. Dad actually cried. He's so sentimental. "Mom would be so proud." Barf.

Mikey got to my place early. Ever so punctual, that boy. We wore matching sunnies. Rad. He brought me some daisies he picked from his mom's garden. Lame-o. And off we went, on our bikes, to the big event.

So, here we are, at a Subway. We left a half hour after we got there. Even Judy had to admit it was pretty boring. So, we're chilling at Subway and then we're going home to listen to some GOOD music. Geez. Prom sucks, yo


Morgan- Would prefer a retro look to stand out from the crowd. Likes bold patterns, and quirky

She might even win prom queen! :)

The Bradlo

Christy- Wants a classic look, but with a little edge. Perfers dark colors, and straight shillouettes

She went with the bass player of a local band. They went in a black town car, and she had a black corsage


Elizabeth- Something of a geek. Would prefer something that looked either space age, or medieval fantasy. Anything that suits her interests.

I went with the medieval princess look.
Her date is Ed Westwick
Corsage - Cymbidium Orchid to match her dress
Their ride to the prom - a horse drawn carriage
Location - The Prado at Balboa Park, San Diego, CA
story may be coming soon...


Gwen- Outspoken, rather crazy chick. Loves metalics and crop tops

"How about this one?" Izzy yelled across the store, holding up a blindingly pink frock.

"No way," I replied, from where I was standing next to the door. I waved her over. "Can we please go to Chrome now?"

"What are you going to find there?" Izzy replied.

"Something that I'll actually wear." I dragged her out of the high-end dress boutique and halfway across the mall, to my favorite store. She protested all the way.

"It's prom, Gwen! You can't just wear any old dress."

"I know that. But I want to stand out. No frilly dresses for me."

I wasn't even going to go to prom in the first place. My friends from across town invited me to the beach for the weekend. But, they canceled at the last minute. Stinks, right? So Steven asked me to prom instead. How could I say no to him? He's so sweet. So here I am, shopping for a dress. On Monday. Yeah... prom is Friday. Oh well, Izzy the fashion guru volunteered to go with me. So I'm sure I'll find something. It's just making her understand what I want that's the problem.

Soon we stood inside Chrome, where rock music blared and everything was bright, bold, and shiny. Just the way I liked it. I immediately saw something that caught my eye, and stared longingly at a metallic crop-top and miniskirt ensemble. I shook my head. "Stupid school rules. Can you believe they won't let you wear crop tops?"

"Yes, I can actually," Izzy replied. "You're supposed to look fancy."

"Well, whatever. I want something that stands out. And is metallic. So will you please help me look?"

"Alright, fine." Izzy sighed. And suddenly took off across the store, grabbing a crop jacket off the rack and throwing it in my face. "How about this? This is cropped. You could wear it over your dress."

A huge smile crossed my face. "You're brilliant, Izzy." The jacket was exactly what I needed to stand out. I grabbed it, and held on to it while I scanned the dress racks. A bright coral and silver concoction caught my eye, and I pulled it out and held it up to myself. "I love this one!"

"It's really cool," Izzy replied, smiling. "Don't you want something fancier though?"

"No, I don't want fancy. I want metallic. Weren't you listening? I'm gonna go try this on!"

Izzy shook her head and followed me into the fitting room, where I soon emerged wearing the dress, with the awesome crop jacket over top.

"That looks amazing on you, Gwen!" Izzy exclaimed.

I grinned. "It does, doesn't it? It needs something else though. Grab me some belts, would ya?"

Izzy went hunting through the belt rack, and came running back in with a handful of belts. She held them up one by one, and I shook my head one by one. Until she came to the shiny black cage belt. "This one's perfect," I said. "I have silver and black platforms at home I can wear it with."

Izzy, who by that time had given up arguing, smiled and nodded. "Are you going to buy them?"

"I sure am." I quickly changed back into my normal clothes, and pulled my now-messy purple-streaked blonde hair into a quick ponytail as I emerged from the dressing room. We ran to the checkout counter, and I skipped out of the store with my purchases.

After picking up some jewelry that went with the dress, and some nail polish, Izzy and I sat in the food court with smoothies. "So what's Steven going to wear?" she inquired.

"He's renting a tux," I said, rolling my eyes. "Can you believe it? But I convinced him to wear it with Converse and messy hair. So it won't be too awful."

Izzy raised an eyebrow but nodded. "The two of you will look really cute together."

"I hope so! And he's renting a black limo for us. It'll be really fun!"

"Oh wow. That's awesome. I think... that you should get a purple corsage. To go with your hair. You already have those adorable earrings you just got," Izzy said, grinning.

"Hey, good idea! I knew I brought you along for a reason, Izzy! We'll go to the flower shop on our way home. Prom is going to be awesome this year!"

Hopefully the story explains everything about her date/corsage/ride etc. I couldn't find anything that was both metallic and cropped, so there's plenty of metallic stuff and I did a cropped jacket instead. Which is meant to be worn open over the dress. The judges said to do more interesting colors next time, so I tried this coral/silver/purple/black combo. Hope you like it :)


Alice- The weird, artsy chick. Wants something totally different, and not too formal. Hates heels.

[One Month Before Prom]
"Mom, I think it's time we had a bit of a heart to heart." My mother stared at me blankly. I patted the pillow next to me on the couch, and ushered for her to come sit with me. By now my mother is used to my very dramatic way of life. It's really her own fault. Who sends a child to art/theater camp from the ages of 6-17 and actually expects them to come out normal? Exactly.
"What's going on Alice?" My mother said with a sweet smile.
"Well, as you know prom is coming up and I figured we should have a talk about it."
"A talk?"
I nodded, "Mhmm, a talk." I reached into my pocket and pulled out a paper that read, "Alice's do's and dont's for prom." I cleared my throat and read the title to my mother. She sighed and braced herself for another crazy rant.
If it seems as if my mother and I do not see eye to eye, then I've done my job. I mean, you can't really blame her for rolling her eyes throughout my whole speech in which I explained that my prom experience would not be complete without a vintage limo, a self-made dress, and flats. See the thing is, my mother was a prom queen. Her mother was a prom queen. Hell, her mother's mother was a prom queen. I don't even have a date for prom, and wheelchair-Stacy is closer to being prom queen than I am. So needless to say, I'm a bit of a disappointment. Regardless of my lack of grace, normality and popularity my mom has always--at the very least-- tolerated me, which I truly do admire.
Throughout my whole explanation, there was one thing that she asked about. My date, or rather my lack of a date. "You really cannot find a date? I mean, any guy will do Alice."
"I don't want just any guy, Mom."
"Oh, so there /is/ a special guy that you would like to go with."
I sighed, "Details, mother, details."
"Who is he?"
I rolled my eyes and was prepared to fight off the conversation. However, I figured I might as well give my mother ONE normal mother-daughter moment for her to recall in old age. "His name is Paul. He's in my Advanced Portrait class."
"Does he have a date? Ya know, if he doesn't you should ask him. It's different from my day. You girls can be more forward and ask the guy out. In my day, we could not even dream of something like that."
"Mom, even if you could have asked a guy out back in the day, you wouldn't have needed to."
"That's not the point! And you didn't answer my question."
I shrugged, "Well his band is playing at prom so one would assume that he's going."
"Good! Then ask him to be your date!"
"Oh! Yeah, sure. Why didn't I think of that?" My sarcastic words cut my mom's smile in half. I felt bad, but she is completely delusional if she thinks I'm actually going to ask a guy to prom.
She gave me a warm hug, "Just one dance Alice. Ask him for just one simple dance. What's the worst that can happen?" She kissed my forehead, "one dance."
[Prom Day]
The day of my prom had finally reared it's ugly head around. I grabbed my list to make sure that I had everything.

"Alice's Do's and Dont's for Prom:
Self-made dress with cute print.
Flats. NO HEELS!
No lame limo pic.
Three pic max with my family.
Must find the raddest necklace possible. [What's radder than a necklace that says RAD, huh?]
Vintage Limo
Wavy Hair with a Hippie Headband.
Mom's three row bracelet is a MUST HAVE!
No rose corsage! Pink Lily will do :]
Tights[Mom's Addition]--Edit: Funky tights n__n
Don't forget the camera! Take ridiculous pics.
After Prom: Party > Monument Park[Pics!!] > Diner"

It was pretty much the same list that I had for the past month or so with a few necessary updates and reminders. There was one thing that was out of place. At the end of my list written in my mother's handwriting I saw two simple words, "One dance."
[Later that Night]
My mom's words were echoing in my head. All I could think of was asking Paul to dance with me. I was so embarrassed, though. What if he said no? What if he laughed? What if his friends laughed too? That's how Paul's going to remember me for the rest of his life. I will be "that weird chick that asked him to dance" forever more. I was so focused on whether or not I wanted to ask Paul to dance and finding the right moment to ask, that I completely ignored my friends for about an hour.
"Last dance, ladies and gentlemen."[If you read this far, please write "Alice's Wonderland.]
This is it. I have to do it now.
I got up and hurried over to Paul, but he was not there. I walked around searching the dance floor for him. I could not find him. "He must have left." I thought.
i turned to walk back to my table and knocked straight into someone. "I'm so sorry!"
"Dance with me."
I looked up to see Paul's big blue eyes. "What?"
"Please Alice, will you dance with me?"
I struggled to keep myself from uttering a not-so-romantic "Are you kidding me?" and nodded. He wrapped his arms around me and we danced for what felt like forever.
After the song ended he kissed my cheek, "I'm going to Jenny's party later. Are you?"
I nodded. For the first time in my life, I truly was speechless. I was in pure bliss.
I walked into the house at around 3 AM. I had just had the best night of my life. I felt like I was walking on air. I now know why "Cinderella" and almost every other fairy tale ends with, "and they lived happily ever after." After a night like that, there's no way that I can ever be sad again, because at least I've got the memory.
"So?! Did you have a good time? You look like you did. What happened?" My mom said as I walked into the living room.
I simply smiled and said, "We danced."


Issie- Rather obsessed with teenage vampire love stories, if you catch my drift...

1 of 3. When I first read Issie’s description, the first thing I thought of was that picture in the corner with Cole Mohr. It reminded me of a… modern vampire? I don’t know, but I really like it, and I thought it was fitting.
2 of 3. It’s for what Issie’s date is wearing. I couldn’t find a male’s mask that fit my demands, so I just used Sacha Hilton, haha
3 of 3. It shows what was going on. Sort of. There’s a picture of a ballroom, where the prom is. There’s a picture of a bridge. There’s a picture of a masquerade ball. There’s a picture of a stupid, shiny Volvo (hint, hint?). There’s another picture of a masquerade ball. There’s yet another picture of a masquerade ball. There’s a picture of a couple dancing. There’s a picture of a mash of the Twilight series covers. There are pictures of masquerade masks.

“Oh, Isabella. You look beautiful. Just wait until that Edward of yours’ sees you. Let me take some pictures.” My mother was snapping away on a camera as I descended the stairs.

“Mom, you know, no one’s going to recognize me. I’m in a mask, and besides, Edward isn’t real. He’s a fictional character.”

“And you love him for it.” It was true, very true. It made me laugh how my name was Isabella, just like Isabella, or rather Bella, Swan. Except I went by Issie.

“Yes, well… I have to go now,” I kissed her on both cheeks. “Good night, mom.”

“Have a nice time Isabella.”

I went outside to the waiting cab I had called earlier. I wasn’t going in a huge hummer limousine like others who would spend money on such things I thought of as trash. I was going in a taxi. It would help me remain more anonymous, too, like I hoped I would stay.

Several moments later, I finally arrived at the hotel where the prom was being held. I paid the driver and got out; clutching my bag to my chest as I sucked in deep breaths of cold air, then applied my mask. Walking briskly toward the lobby, my heel stepped into a pothole, and the next thing I knew, I was falling toward the asphalt.

“Careful,” I heard a man’s voice say from behind me as his hand squeezed my arm. “Maybe you shouldn’t be walking around in those heels. I wouldn’t want you to ruin such a pretty face.”

“Thanks,” I murmured, blushing, looking down at my heels. They were actually my mother’s. I looked up, and it turned out I was alone. “That’s strange…” The doorman opened the doors to the hotel for me and I sighed, left with an indescribable feeling from when the mysterious stranger caught me.

I wonder if anyone would bother to even keep their masks on, or even wear one. After all, it IS a senior class full of 17 and 18 year olds; and of course, they’re not going to follow the rules, will they?

Arriving at the doors to the ballroom, I sighed before adjusting my mask, and gripping the heavy doors. I blinked a few times, staring at the prom before me, before stepping forward and entering the room. It was just as I expected. Sort of. Rap music with heavy beats blasting from speakers, girls and guys ‘dancing’ on the dance floor, almost all the guys with the masks on the top of their heads instead of their face, and so on.

I was at the punch table when I was tapped on the shoulder. “Would Mademoiselle like a rose?” I almost choked on my drink when I heard this. Mademoiselle? What kind of boy, man, whatever of my age actually say ‘mademoiselle?’ I had to admit though, it was cute, and I liked it. The second part to what made me almost choke was the fact that the voice belonged to the person who caught me when I fell earlier. That indescribable feeling was back.

“Um. Yes, please, Monsieur.” The boy was holding a white rose with a red trim. Oh God. Just like New Moon. Not only that, but he was dressed completely unlike the rest of the guys: a crisp white blouse with a silver ribbon, and a black military-inspired looking tailcoat.

“A beautiful flower for a beautiful girl,” He placed the rose in my hair as my cheeks painted themselves red. “Shall we dance?”

“Dance to this kind of music? Soulja Boy?” I gestured wildly to the dance floor. Oh, yes, kiss me through the phone. How lovely.

“No, of course not, follow me.” We left the room and went outside the hotel to his car: a silver, shiny Volvo. “It’s a Volvo C30. Like it?” When I nodded, he continued, “Thank you.” The mystery boy fumbled around in his car for a second before a classical number started playing.

“Clair de Lune?” I asked, surprised.

“You know Debussy?” He sounded surprised, too.

“Not well,” I admitted. “It was a piece mentioned in one of my favorite novels. It’s also one of my favorite songs.”

“It’s one of my favorites, too.” He stared into the distance, at the night sky, at the glittering stars. “Let’s dance.”

“Yes, let’s,” We danced to the song, our eyes fixed on the stars above. When I finally looked at him, I saw he had fixed his gave upon me as well. His eyes were the color of onyx, his hair a light brown, perhaps an auburn color, but it was hard to tell in the dark. When the song was over, I didn’t know what to say, but I knew I didn’t want to go back to the prom. “Can we go for a drive? I’d rather not go back.” I wonder if I was bothering him, and if he regretted asking me for a dance, now that he had to deal with me for longer. Was I a burden?

I got in the car and we sat in silence as the music changed to Chopin, and according to the music player, it was Nocturne opus 27 #2. I watched the landscape from my window, a green blur. The green soon disappeared, and we were stopped in the middle of a bridge. He talked without looking at me. “Come, get out.”

It was cold and windy outside of the car, and I hugged my shawl closer to my body. We were on a bridge above a small river. “It’s amazing,” I breathed. The moon was held in the sky, hovering over the river, creating specks of light floating in the water.

“Not as amazing as you are, love.” His head bent down and nuzzled mine as his nose grazed my neck, inhaling. “Dear Issie…” I froze.

“How do you know my name?”

“Oh Issie,” He cooed, his eyes gleaming, ignoring my question.

“Who are you?”

“My name is Edward.” That was when he kissed me.


Danielle- The earthy chick. Would prefer something 'eco chic', but cotton works too. Hates fake flowers...

The dress IS 100% cotton. no fake flowers. The bangles are organic.
Steve's outfit.
What Danielle looks like, what Steve looks like, the REAL ROSE corsage and their ride

Tonight was the night. The night I have been waiting for is finally here. I got dressed, put on my finishing touches, and walked out the door to see Steve, my date.

"Wow," he said. "You look amazing."
"Thanks (: "
"So, are you ready?"
"Yeah," I stuttered. "Let's go."

We were riding in the black limo, sitting peacefully. I was so overjoyed that I couldn't speak. Steve on the other hand, was as calm as a clam. He detected something.
"Hey," he paused. "Are you nervous?"
"A little."
"Well, when we get there, I bet you will be fine."

The rest of the ride was quiet, getting a little better later on.


I observed the gymnasium carefully as we walked into the room - eyes planted on us.
"Wow! This is lovely!"
The usually dirty, old gym was decorated with satin tablecloth, fancy champaigne-esque glasses and light pink and blue balloons. I checked to see if my best friends, Carol and Jenna, were there.
"Danielle!" a voice shouted out.
I then spot Jenna.
"You look amazing," I said. "Where's Carol?"
"She got the flu."
"Aw. We can still have fun, right?"

I then went back to Steve to dance a little bit..
"ahh. You know Danielle, this night is going amazingly."
"I know.."


"And now," said the principal, Mr. Bus. "Now is the time you have all been waiting for."
"STEVE! They're announcing it." I said.
We huddled over.
"This year's prom king is..." he paused. "JAKE AFEDHOOD!"
We all turned back, to Jenna's date, smiling.
"And who is the lovely lady to be Jake's queen?"
*jenna, jenna, jenna* I said to myself.

We all cheered. My best friend, prom queen.
Tonight, a lovely night.

A little after the announcement, the dance was pretty much over. We proceeded out the door with many memories.

and a lot of pictures, too.


Anya- The Bubbly, everyone's best friend girl. Likes bright pastels and details.-


Lacey- Likes soft romantic things and light colors. Wants something that looks victorian, but also kind of modern.

Lacey smiled up at her Zac Efron-esque date. It was prom. A day that would top her dreary teenage life. Her date, Vince, took her glove-clad hand, and with a friendly nod to her parents and their flashing cameras, he led her out the door.
Lacey clacked her heels along the steps down her house, the descending sun greeted them both as it painted a picture perfect scene. Vince ushered Lacey toward the car that Lacey noticed later was a limo. A small giggle escaped out of her lips before she caught a small glimpse of her reflection off of the limo's tinted windows. The dress, the gloves, the perfect romantic vibe of the entire evening seemed to point to one person in particular.
"....and I want a charoit to whisk my date and me off into the sunset," Lacey had said the day before the prom. She demanded these tiny details to her designer, Manda who was competing in some designer contest. Thus, leading Lacey with the perfect prom planner.
And the one that would make her have the absolute perfect prom.
"Uh huh..." Manda's scrawny hands sketched designs and notes onto the margins of her notebook. The pages were frayed from old age probably as Lacey eyed the designs carefully. Her keen eye speculating each detail marked with Manda's pencil.
She narrowed her eyes before snatching the pencil up from Manda's hand in one swift motion. Manda looked wide eyed at Lacey, but she paid no mind as she slid the paper infront of her. She tsked quietly before erasing some stray marks and blemishes on the paper.
Lacey spoke quickly as she traced the contour lines of the sketch with her finger in approval, "I like the lace. Very Victorian ish. Whimsical almost." She nodded, "I love it."
Manda sighed in relief before composing herself infront of her client, sliding the notebook towards herself, "Any other details? I have pink, lace, Victorian-style, a chariot.." She almost winced at the word 'chariot' before adding, "Instead, what about a white limo?"
Lacey clicked her tongue in her mouth, comtemplating a white limo. Sure, limos were great, but chariots were unique. Chariots were romantic. Charoits were the classic fairytale endings.
"Maybe," Lacey decided, setting her hands together on the table, "Oh, and I want a date that looks like Zac Efron."
"Zac Efron?" Manda nearly coughed up her water. Her eyes bugged out uncontrollably, "The dude from, like, High School Musical? Todd? Tray?..?"
"Its Troy," Lacey said matter-of-factly with a small eyeroll. "Just make it happen."
"Okay guys," the host of Project Polyvore announced, "Your clients need to leave, and we have to go shopping. Let's go."
Lacey smiled weakly to herself as she slid into the limo. Hey, it wasn't a chariot, but it was nice. She examined the interior to herself, dazzled by it. There on the ceiling of the limo were stars and glitter, like looking outside on a beautiful night. Almost like a view from a chariot...
"She goes all out, huh?" Vince grinned, eyeing Lacey adoringly as he referred to Manda. He touched Lacey's hand before sliding a sweet pink corsage on her arm [is that where it goes? i dunno..]. He leaned in towards her, his warm breath present on her bare shoulder, "You look beautiful tonight. As you do everyday." Vince's sweet grin made blood rush to Lacey's cheeks, her already blushed cheeks looked almost red.
"Wait, you see my everyday?" Lacey asked, slightly stunned. She had never seen the dreamy guy before this morning when Manda had showcased the main parts for Lacey's perfect prom to which Lacey squealed in excitement, especially when she found out who her date was.
"Yeah, I'm in your second period class," Vince grinned toothily, "Guess you didn't notice, but I had a crush on you for awhile now..."
Lacey couldn't help but silently thank Manda. Not only did she get the perfect prom, but she also might have won herself true love.


Annabeth- Likes flowy, drapey clothing, and accesories that jingle. Previously thought prom was a waste of time

Details later, I wrote a story but then I lost it when my computer crashed. Sorry this is late!!!
But basically, she had a boyfriend who cheated on her in public a week before prom so she was too embarassed to go but then was encouraged by her guy friend to go, to make him jealous. She ended up going with her guy friend


Gigi- Wants a glamerous, old Hollywood vibe. Tends to want...seductive, sexy styles, but must be reigned in for school policy. -

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