Friday, May 22, 2009

Challenge 3 Entries



Balmain 2009 spring collection RTW
Jacket- sequin add ons- 10.00, actual jacket 35.00
shoes 119
makeup added together (including brush) 55 (rounded)
shirt - 23
total 301! rounded up!


I couldn't find a leopard sweater that was under budget.
ANYWHERE. So sorry. :P
This was a super hard challenge. Christopher Kane made everything scalloped, which I was unable to find.
total was $434.60


This dress stood out to me from Alexander McQueen's spring collection, because it was so cool and futuristic. So I tried to make this set kinda futuristic to go along with that theme. I couldn't find a zippered dress so I incorporated the zippers elsewhere in the set.

Price breakdown:
-Leather dress- $120
-Shoes- $140
-Clutch- $49
-Zipper earrings- $6.30
-Beaded necklace- $65
-Mesh ring- $22.70
-Silver eyeliner- $2.60
-Blue nail polish- $5.50
-Black gloves- $15.00

Total- $426.10


shoes--->Pour La Victoire : Blanche - Camel/Blue($249,99)

bag--->Cream & Silver Canvas Case-Style Handbag($55,61)

skirt--->Miso: Disco Skirt(27,03$)


gloves--->Black fabric glove with PU trim($11,14)

necklace--->Monsoon Accessorize - Statement Layered Faux Pearl Necklace($31,82)

hair bow--->Posies Accessories Bitty (small) Grosgrain Hair Bow($2,99)

lipstick--->Lipstick in Red Premiere No. 752, Dior($24)


Top - $24.00
Skirt - this D&G skirt was a splurge but 50% off! $291.00
Crochet Beret - 14.99
Belt - $63.75
Shoes - $39.79
Lipstick - $4.78
Blush - $28.00
Eyeshadow - $15.00
Eye lashes - $11.70
Total: $493.01

I do these look for less things all the time, and I usually only spend $200 max. But, since we were given $500 and I had a lot of money left after the outfit, I splurged a bit and went full out on the makeup.
Now, onto the my designer. I got John Galliano. He's not my favorite designer (ahem Luella) but I do love him anyway. This was really challenging because his runway looks are probably the most OUT THERE ready to wear fashions.
I chose a look from his Spring 2009 RTW collectin. His spring line is described by Sarah Mower on as inspired by "outrageous Regency cartoons of silly fashions from the Napoleonic war era, giant plumed military helmets, overblown mob-caps, and indecently transparent dresses. Sorted. (Oh, apart from the Queen Mummery, which equals the sweet pea florals, of course.)"

note: the belt is worn over the blouse at the waist where the seam is. the skirt should be worn as a high waist so that it will be at knee length. dont mind the heels haha. i needed something funky fresh a la john galliano and all his craziness. :) i think he would appreciate those killer platforms.


Top $80.50
Skirt $25.00 (reference )
Jacket $54.50 (reference )
Suspenders $ 18.00
Shoes $74.90
Hat $30.00
Necklace $22.64
Black Ring $29.95
Rose Ring $5.80
Handbag $45.00 (Betsey Johnson)
Sunglasses $5.00

Total $391.29

The Bradlo

Zac Posen for under $500
This outfit is $476. There is no price listed for the jacket, so I'm assuming it is $200


Cardigan: $29.95
Boots: $80.00
Dress: $60.00 [estimated]
Makeup: $23.00

Total: $192.95


$165.00 - Susan Monaco navy sheath dress
$25.00 - Azuri silk chiffon wrap
$59.90 - Charles and Keith zip heels
$9.99 - Silence & Noise topstitch bralette
$25.00 - mascara
TOTAL: $284.89


bag: $89
shoe: $20
hat: $15
white tights, which didn't show anyway so I hid them. They're part of the outfit but cannot be seen against a white background, sorry : $26.99
belt: $25
plaid top[worn underneath, duh lol] $19.90
dress: $55
[I doubt the lipstick is $200.. and the blush: $44 they're unneccessary for the outfit, but the model is wearing both.]


Top: $19.99
Skirt: $15.60 (that thing says it. :/)
Shoes: $207.50 (if you click the link, you'll see it 50% off. yay deals!)
Blazer: $68.00
Bag: $22.99
Belt: $9.50 (converted)
Gloves: $7.70 (converted)
Tights: $42.00

Total: $393.28

YAY. I made it and under budget.
I really love Chanel. Just not their ready to wear. Because it was really bleh. and kinda boring. I know, it's freaking KARL. But the RTW was driving me wild. Therefore this was made. :/


Blouse- $29
Jacket- $31.83
Shorts- about $35
Heels- $275
Gloves- about $21
Bag- $14.50
Tights- $12.50
TOTAL- $418.83
$418.83 < $500

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