Monday, August 3, 2009

Challenge 9 Entries


gave my bride a name... Marie. I thought it fit her. :) Marie wanted a traditional wedding. She loved lace and butterflies, and her colors were ivory, white, and light blue. So I gave Marie an ivory lace wedding dress, with matching pumps. She also wore an ivory flower headband, a pearl necklace, and a butterfly ring. Of course, we can't forget the wedding rings, which were simple yet elegant. The tablecloths for the reception were lace, with light blue plates and the silverware I added as well. Flowers were light blue hydrangeas, and the bridesmaids wore light blue dresses. There were little butterflies scattered around the tables and such, because they looked pretty. I also included the song Sweet Release by New Grass Revival, because I've always thought it would be a perfect wedding song. :)


Zees is supposed to be a "Victorian Romanticism" themed wedding, however I haven't the faintest clue as to what that is. I included cameos and a dress with a victorian neck and poofy skirt. [There's also a cameo bracelet that was very hard to work with hidden near the shoes.] I did not include a purse, because honestly.. who walks down the aisle with a YSL tote dangling off their shoulder? No one.
Doesn't JRM seem like the perfect groom to this bride?
This took 2 hours and it's complete crap.. Woopdie frickin doo.


So, here is my bride's description.
Your bride is ecectric and and unconventional. She does NOT want a traditional white dress, and perfably something short and sweet. She enjoys live music, tatoos, and roses, and wants to be sure to include her costume jewlery. Her color pallette is purple, silver, and gold.
The bride and groom got wedding tattoos on their ring fingers. There was a live band that played the soundtrack to their love affair, which included:
All My Life - Jodeci
Underneath It All - No Doubt
Swing Life Away - Rise Against
Amber - 311
And the gets went home with temporary (or real ones for the hardcore guests) tattoos of words like "Carpe Diem" & "Amour".



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