Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Challenge 10 Entries


I had to make a set for ANGIE!!! :) YAY!

Her request...

Layout: double feature picture show - two photos on opposite corners.

Color Palette: brown, light green, white

Style: I want a sweet country kinda feel to it, but not too over the top. Basically, an outfit that makes you want to go frolic in a field. Like imagine you lived in North Carolina and tomorrow was the last day of summer before school started again. So you decided to spend your whole day running around in a field.

Items: something from Urban Outfitters


was assigned to make a set for the fabulous Incubeautee... and this is the info sheet that she sent me.

Layout: a little something i made up that i like to call double feature picture show. which is basically like a model in corner set except you put any two pictures (doesnt have to be a model but can be if you want) on opposite corners. examples: http://www.polyvore.com/home_sweet/set?id=7132309 & http://www.polyvore.com/poison_cupcake/set?id=7015197
Color Palette: Blue, tan, and creamy light pink
Specific sort of style: the classic feminine meets masculine, but with a hint of retro for a twist.
Any specific items: something from Chloe

The outfit is mostly feminine, but I tried to incorporate the masculine side of things with the blazer. As far as throwing in a touch of retro, the hobo bag and earrings are supposed to be a throwback to 70's bohemian. Oh, and I loved the layout. It's great. :)


Layout: MY STYLE Mosaic [things touch & it's a bit more artsy]
Style: romantic edge
Color palette: black and white.
Item: Nerd Glasses
I also threw Shia in there, seeing as we both share a love of zee hot boy.


444. by TripMyWire featuring Calypso

Layout: Hmm, well personally I'm not a huge fan of mosaics. But I know that's your style. So you can do a mosaic if you want, but if you want to try something different that's cool too. I don't care much about the layout
Color Pallette: earthy colors... green/brown/blue etc
Specific sort of stlye: Hippie/bohemian [:
Any specific items: http://www.polyvore.com/sustilo_fringe_ ... id=9220505 This one!

Layout: I like mosaics. But BB isn't a fan, so I tried something new. I think I kind of like it. Perhaps it shall stay...
Colours: I feel like these colours are earthy. After finishing the outfit, I realized that it's kind of void of colours...So I tried to switch things out for colour, and I always went back to the neutrals. I just like it better this way.
Style: My version of bohemian.
Item: This bag killed me. The texture of it was hard to work with.

Also, the pictures on the right are representative of earth, wind, fire, and water.

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